Buljarica is one of the nicest Montenigrian bays. A little coastal place, only 2 km far from the city of Petrovac. Buljarica is the part of the municipality of Budva. According to official information from 2002, this place has 407 citizens. The city of Budva, center of night life in Montenegro, is located 18 km from Buljarica, and approximately on the same distance from Buljarica is located a city of Bar.

In Buljarica there are a several important cultural and historical monuments. Ancient monastery Gradište from XII century A.D. is located at the top of Buljarica. Kufin hill (origin of the name of Kufin hill is coming from the Italian word "Confine" which means the border) with Bošković's tower and church of St. Petka was a border between Europe and Otoman empire over 300 years, since 1571 until 1878.Also, there is a monument panel of Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz-Joseph II from 1875. There is also a numerous villages with characteristic stone houses from local Paštrović(one of the Montenigrian tribes) architecture, which are constructed in several centuries ago.